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Mastriano and Oz: An ‘awkward marriage’ atop the Pennsylvania GOP ticket

The two candidates have done little to promote each other as they gear up for the fall. Some officials say they should keep it that way. Doug Mastriano and Mehmet Oz, the GOP’s nominees in Pennsylvania for governor and the Senate respectively, share little in common other than the support of former President Donald Trump. […]

Anne Heche died a tragic death. That isn’t stopping people from shaming her.

Compassion seems to be doled out only to the best-behaved among us. Over the past week, I’ve despaired at the amount of vitriol directed at actor Anne Heche after she suffered a fate I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I’ve been haunted by the idea of her body covered in burns after her car crashed into […]

Crypto skeptics have been debating online for years. Now they’re organizing.

A contingent of people who see cryptocurrencies as akin to fraud have begun to organize. It’s a response to what they see as a crypto movement that has dominated discussion of this still-new technology both online and in Washington. Every other Tuesday, a half-dozen people hop onto a Zoom call and talk about how to […]